Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PDank Hoodies now on sale!! First 25 get signed "The Audacity!" free!

So, what's up bromeys! It's Spose. Today is a big day. Ever since I made the PDank logo a few years ago people have been asking for me to put it on a shirt. So, I printed it on a shirt. Then, people wanted it printed on a sweatshirt. So, I printed it on a sweatshirt. Now, finally, as of this morning, The Official PDank Hoodie (as seen in the video for Gee Willikers) is available for purchase right here at! Here's an unflattering-yet-somehow-still-cool screen shot of me wearing it:

As an added bonus, the first 25 people to purchase The Official PDank Hoodie will receive a signed copy of my new album "The Audacity!"As of posting this, we've already sold three without even announcing it, so buy yours quick and get the signed copy of the new album for your PDank collection. Thanks forever. - Spose


  1. Now there's nothing wrong with this, really. Hoodies are a very comfortable and utilitarian garment. They're soft and warm (at least the fleece-lined ones are) and that hood part of the hoodie sure comes in handy if it rains.

    But let's face it: Hoodies are the uniform of urban hipsters and I am hardly that. In fact, I'm probably about a quarter of a century to old to be wearing them. There should be some kind of automatic alarm with an electric shock that keeps people my age out of The Gap and Old Navy. But still I buy them.

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  2. Incredible! I admire you that finally the Pdank Hoodies are now available. My big bro has bought this however he is not on the first 25. I'd like to appreciate your good work and the useful information you have posted as one of the best hoodies in the market.

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